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Chef stories presents: tsoureki pudding with chocolate & bananas

We asked on your behalf Chef stories to share with us another delicious recipe. Eleni & Sylvia tried our tsoureki and came up with an exquisite pudding.

Pudding is a dish equivalent to the joker card in a card deck for two reasons. Firstly, you can eat it pleasantly all year round and secondly, it’s the ideal recipe in case you want to recycle leftovers (remeber the bread-leftovers pudding) with a quick, easy and –most importantly- mouthwatering way.

So, if there is any steal tsoureki laying around on your kitchen counter put on your apron, grab your spoons, knives, bowls and mixers and make this fantastically simple chefstories’ tsoureki pudding with chocolate & banana.


12 slices of Lemonis bakery tsoureki

4 eggs

1 cup cream

250 gr. couverture chocolate, diced

2 bananas, sliced

½ cup sugar

a bit of butter


Butter a square (or round for all its matters) cake pan. Dice the tsoureki slices and spread half of it on the pan’s floor in a way that it’ll be completely covered. On top of it put the half amount of chocolate and the banana slices. Repeat the procedure with the other halves of tsoureki and chocolate. Beat the eggs and the sugar – you can use a mixer or a wire whisk for this step- until light. Then, add the milk and the cream. Keep up the good work of gently whisking until it turns into a homogenized mixture. Pour the mix on top of the tsoureki construction and put it in the fridge for 30’ until it becomes firm. Add small pieces of butter on the surface and bake it for approximately half hour in a preheated oven at 180ºC until brown. It’s a splendid idea to serve it with some ice cream.