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Chef stories presents: the revamp of a sandwich

"Sandwiches are great. You don’t need a spoon or a plate" - Paul Lynde.

Chef stories, having as inspiration the freshly made breads of Lemonis Bakery and guide their deep knowledge of materials and their inexhaustible imagination, returned with - what else? - sandwiches.

Big or small sandwiches, hearty or light. Sandwiches for breakfast, as a snack or for lunch. No matter what the size of your sandwich is or which moment you choose to enjoy one, you’re going to enjoy it so much more if the taste volume is on maximum. With the perfect, fluffy yet crispy, bread, with carefully selected ingredients and, of course, with the right sauce, the one that makes all ingredients make sense together. The choices are innumerable. Chef stories chose to start by revamping two kinds of sandwiches that will surely intrigue your palate!

Variations of a "Greek" sandwich

In order to create your own, personal version of a Greek sandwich you’re gonna need to choose between four Lemonis bakery breads: ciabatta,dinkel with rye and seeds, olive bread and feta cheese bread.

Next step is to choose the lucky ingredients that will fill your bread. You have to decide between four different kinds of cheeses, each one of them is an ideal fit for this Greek sandwich: feta cheese, katiki, mizithra or galotiri. The list of vegetables is even bigger: tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers, onions, lettuce and arugula, grilled zucchini or eggplants, green olives, black olives or olive paste.

At the end you must choose a sauce, the most important and essential component, the one that can add flavor, texture and will really compliment your sandwich, and chef stories have three different sauces to suggest. You are going to need:

-For the first: ½ cup mayonnaise, 2 tbsp mustard, 1 tsp caper, 2 anchovy, salt and pepper

-For the second: ½ cup cream cheese, 1 tsp oregano, 1 tsp thyme, 2 pickles, salt

-For the third: ½ cup yogurt, 5-6 leaves spearmint, 2 scallions, salt and pepper 

Variations of a cold meat sandwich

For this particular sandwich you can use the mini sesame bread, the yellow cheese bread or the croissant of Lemonis bakery.

The possible combinations of cold meats and vegetables is almost inexhaustible. Choose your ingredients through a quite wide, mouth-watering list of various products: prosciutto, smoked cold turkey, mortadella, winder salami, pastrami, bacon or smoked stake, boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, lettuce, arugula or iceberg.

Once again do not forget the sauce that will help you turn up the volume of your sandwich. You’re going to need:

-For the first: ½ cup mayonnaise, 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp mustard, 1 tsp worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, salt

-For the second: ½ cup red and white cabbage, ½ cup grated carrot, ½ cup mayonnaise, ½ cup yogurt, 1 tbsp vinegar, salt and pepper

-For the third: ½ cup cream cheese, 2 pickles, 1 tbsp parsley, 1tbsp dill, 1 tsp caper, cumin. salt

Enjoy and stay tuned. There will be a part 2 with more chef stories' sandwich variations.

*Special thanks to Chef stories for the shandwiches' photos

**cover photo via the Internet