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Chef stories presents: the revamp of a sandwich | vol.2

"Life is like a sandwich. The more you add to it, the better it becomes" | Unknown

Chef stories, after their first and exceedingly successful sandwich revamping, returned once more with the part 2, having again as inspiration the freshly made breads of Lemonis Bakery and guide their deep knowledge of materials and their inexhaustible imagination.

Sandwich is, for most people, synonym of an uncomplicated and quick snack. However, you can put between two slices of fine, crispy bread a thousand different, yet delicious, ingredients. The choices you’re going to make about your sandwich filling depends on your appetite, your eating habits and preferences and the inspiration of the moment. As easy as it is to make a sandwich, it’s equally easy to turn it into a balanced, complete and healthy extra small meal. For the sandwich tribute | vol.2, Chef stories chose to revamp two kinds of sandwiches, one with omega-3 fatty acids and one with unique ingredients.

Variations of an omega-3 fatty acids sandwich.

To create your own personalized version of an omega-3 fatty acids sandwich you have to choose between three Lemonis bakery kinds of bread: Arabic bread, multigrain mini bread and olive bread.

For the filling there are numerous choices between a wide range of ingredients such as: lettuce, iceberg, arugula, tomatoes and cucumber, peppers, onions or avocado, smoked salmon, tuna, crab or shrimps, red beans and boiled eggs.

Last but definitely not least, comes the selection of the ideal sauce. Chef stories recommend you 3 different sauces, a key element that elevates the flavor and compliment the rest of the ingredients.

For the first: ½ cup mayonnaise, 2 tbsp. Dijon mustard, 1 tsp. dill, 2 pickles, salt and pepper.

For the second: ½ cup cream cheese, 1 tsp. kaper, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, ½ grated green apple and salt.

For the third: ½ cup mayonnaise, 5-6 spearmint leaves, 1 tbsp. parsley, 1 scallion, 1 tbsp. lime juice, salt and paprika

Variations of a unique ingredients sandwich.

For this kind of sandwich you can use either the multigrain mini bread, the Arabic bread of the raisin bread from Lemonis bakery.

There are, once again, countless possible combinations. Choose as many ingredients as you like from a very long list of vegetables, cold meats, cheeses and much more: lettuce, iceberg or arugula, mushrooms, peppers and carrots, pears or apples, almonds, tortilla chips, grilled or smoked chicken, fillet pork of beef, mozzarella, blue, brie or cottage cheese.

At the end, here comes the sauce again. Choose one out of three to maximize the deliciousness of your sandwich:

For the first: ½ cup mayonnaise, ½ avocado, 1 scallion, ½ cup tomatoes, 2 tbsp. lime juice, salt and tabasco.

For the second: ½ cup yogurt, 2 tbsp. Florina’s peppers paste, 2-3 sundried tomatoes, salt, cumin and paprika.

For the third: ½ cup cream cheese, 1 tsp. curry powder, 2 tbsp. soy sauce, 2 tbsp. Dijon mustard 2 tbsp. orange juice and salt.

Enjoy every sandwich!