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Fresh Natural Fit, the new menu by Lemonis bakery

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. | Virginia Woolf

Lemonis bakery philosophy has at its core the nutrition and gustatory satisfaction of its customers through a wide choice of handmade, fresh products that highlighting and making good use of exquisite quality Greek and local ingredients. Concurrently, aims to promote a healthy, balanced diet with emphasis on the harmony between deliciousness and high nutritional value of its products.

Here, at Lemonis bakery, we go to extraordinary lengths to delight, satisfy and nourish our customers. Having that as a guiding light, this summer we created a brand new menu, the Fresh Natural Fit by Lemonis bakery.

FnF menu is tailored to your needs for a balanced, nutritious diet that will boost your energy levels. We have designed all of our FnF menu items to be fresh, handmade, simple and healthy. FnF meals meet your nutritional demands during the day, from breakfast to diner, from salad to dessert.

The inspiration behind the concept of FnF by Lemonis bakery is the Mediterranean diet, an internationally recognized model of healthy eating and promoted as a recommendable regime. The principal aspects of this diet include proportionally high consumption of olive oil and olives, vegetables, fruits, legumes and herbs. With passion and enthusiasm, we tried to redefine the culinary traditions of Greece having a more modern look.

We selected with attention and care quality, natural and local materials and traditional recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. FnF menu is the outcome of this marriage: a comprehensive range of meals full of flavors and aromas that perfectly embodies the finest Greek, natural and fresh ingredients.

* Photoshoot by Irini Agortza