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Ice cream sandwich

Simple. Quick. Effortless. Sweet. Happiness can be easily described with just these four words. 

If you are still on vacation, oh let’s face it, you are lucky. But if you’re coming back soon or – even worse- you have already returned to your base and thinking about next summer, endlessly beaches, blue waters and the sound of your fllip flops on the pavements one thing is for sure: you’re gonna need something to comfort you.

The most reliable antidote to the expected post- vacation blues is, without a doubt, ice cream. The second place in list of the most popular comfort food is the all time classic chocolate. Desiring to achieve the best possible result we combined crunchy chocolate cookies and freshly made kaimaki ice cream.

Ingredients (for 4 sandwiches):

8 Lemonis bakery chocolate cookies

4 scoops Lemonis bakery kaimaki ice cream

aluminum foil   


Let the ice cream off the freezer. Just remember: the goal is to let it melt to the point is easier to manage. Put on a surface 4 of the chocolate cookies. On top of each one place a scoop of kaimaki ice cream. Finish the sandwiches with the other 4 cookies and press them slightly. For additional and more intense pleasure wrap the sandwiches using aluminum foil and put them into the freezer for just about 2-3’. So simple and so easy. Your ice cream sandwiches are ready and the next summer is only a bite away.   


*Each and every recipe is cooked - for the photo shoot needs - by our fantastic pastry chef, Natasha Tsouloufidou, at the production area of Hanioti's store.

** Head photo via http://www.wrap.bigcartel.com/