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Lemon[-is] vanilla cake

When life gives you lemons you can do a thousand things.

Let’s say that somewhere on your kitchen counter lays a cake, probably slight stall. In your fridge, a bunch of lemons lives a lonely and forgotten life. Chanting our personal “easy and fast recipes” mantra and stubbornly committed to the direction of imaginative “recycle” of leftovers we decided that the time has come for yet another dessert.

We used a recipe that demands the minimum amount of preparations and some of the most elementary and common ingredients – because can you imagine a house that doesn’t have a couple of eggs, some sugar and butter? – to infuse life into a stale vanilla cake.


1 Lemonis bakery vanilla cake

for the lemon cream:

200 gr. sugar

200 ml. lemon juice

zest of 2 lemons, unwaxed

4 eggs

360 gr. butter

for the syrup:

10 leafs of fresh mint, minced

100 ml. water

50 gr. sugar


For the lemon cream: Put in a small pot the sugar, the lemon juice and the eggs.  With the pot on medium fire, beat the ingredients with a wire whisk until light and creamy. Next, put in the butter and continue the whisking until the mixture is homogenized. Freeze the lemon cream for a bit, preferably cover the surface  of the cream with plastic wrap as this will prevent a skin from forming on the top of it.

For the syrup: In another pot put all the ingredients and let them boil for about 6’. Next you have two choices: either you can remove the mint leafs or you can put the syrup in a blender to achieve a more intense mint flavor and scent. In both cases let it cold – the ideal is room temperature.

To assemble: The way you’re gonna cut the cake depends on how you wanna serve the dessert. If you choose to serve it on a plate you have to slice the cake but if you serve it in a glass it would be best to dice it. Either way you have to sprinkle the cake pieces with the syrup. The amount of syrup you’re going to use also depends on two factors: a) from the intensity of the mint flavor you wish for and b) how soggy and syrup-y you prefer your cake. In the case of the plate serving: put a cake slice, on top of it some lemon cream and repeat until you attain the desirable height. In the glass serving case: place in it some of the diced cake and pour an amount of the lemon cream on top.


*Each and every recipe is cooked - for the photo shoot needs - by our fantastic pastry chef, Natasha  Tsouloufidou, at the production area of Hanioti's store.