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Lemonis bakery meets Trizoni: it was triumphant

With loyalty towards one of our primary goals, achieving the ultimate culinary experience, we joined our forces with Trizoni and magic happened.

The roots of our philosophy are made from fresh materials, pure ingredients, a profound love for Greek diet, respect for our land and the commitment to constantly seek for top quality at any price. In the center of our universe there is man and our inextinguishable desire to offer the most complete experience in terms of taste and nutritional value. Luckily, quite often we cross paths with people and businesses with which we share the same values and the same vision. Trizoni is an example of such people and such businesses. Hence, it was self- evidence our collaboration with them.

Another thing we both share is our true passion about food and culinary experimentations. We asked from Trizoni’s head chef, Kostas Trontsios*, to taste all of our products, pick his favorites and unleash his vivid imagination. The dishes we tasted, both savory and sweet, were a trip to pure awesomeness, an explosion of flavors for our palate.

* Chef's trivia:

Kostas Trontsios was the head chef of Trizoni during the summer season. He teaches in the public IEK Lagada (Institute of Vocational Training) in the culinary arts department. 

When a mackerel met some savory biscuits

Who would believe that savory biscuits, also known as baton chalet, could compliment a mackerel mousse.

A smoked mackerel fillet found itself in a blender with Katiki of Domokos cheese, some fresh dill, salt and pepper and transformed into a rich mousse with great texture and flavor. Dill made a second appearance on this dish, this time holding a leading part in a dill pesto.

Swordfish sashimi* with multigrain and carrot breadsticks.

*Sashimi’s trivia:

Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces. Sashimi is usually the first course in a formal Japanese meal. Many Japanese people believe that sashimi, traditionally considered the finest dish in Japanese cuisine, should be eaten before other strong flavors affect the palate.

A couple extremely fresh swordfish fillets grilled –just for a few seconds - into a mixture of soy, grape honey syrup, lime juice, a bit of salt and some virgin olive oil. 

Along with the sashimi, came a quite different pesto with an unexpected ingredient holding the leading part. Chef used the classic pesto recipe – this means olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan cheese – but instead of the classic basil he used elegant truffles and a touch of creamy ricotta.   


*All dishes prepered by the chef in the restaurant's kitchen . The photoshoot took place in the courtyard of Trizoni. 

**Head photo via the internet