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Lemonis bakery meets Trizoni: the savory sequel

Cause one time equals to none. Cause one time is never enough.

Steaming pans over incandescent burners. Knives moving on frantic pace. Bowls full of chopped herbs and fresh vegetables. Ladles stirring boiling sauces. Lined up spices waiting patiently their turn. Selves crammed with dishes that soon will be filled. The entire kitchen is full of mouthwatering smells and anticipation. That’s how Trizoni’s kitchen looked like during our second visit – and we’ve been there a lot due to our creative and inconceivable hearty meetings.

This time around chef Kostas Trontsios* left aside breadsticks and biscuits and picked out freshly made Arabic breads and a multigrain loaf that worked as blank canvases for three dishes with main ingredients – what else?- fish and seafood. Chef was on fire and we were eager to taste his imaginative combinations. Our palate party continued.

* Chef's trivia:

Kostas Trontsios was the head chef of Trizoni during the summer season. He teaches in the public IEK Lagada (Institute of Vocational Training) in the culinary arts department.  

Mille-feuille with Arabic bread, tuna carpaccio* and grilled vegetables.

*Carpaccio's trivia:

Carpaccio usually served as an appetizer. It is a dish or thinly sliced raw meet or fish, e.g. veal, beef, salmon or tuna. 

Mille-feuille is a French dessert, right? Well, it’s almost right. There is a savory version even though the only resemblance between the two of them is how the food is assembled on the plate.  

The base and at the same time the missing link of this dish is pieces of Arabic bread slightly grilled for extra points of crispiness. Thin tuna slices marinated in a mixture of orange and lime juice, ginger, salt, pepper, olive oil and rice vinegar. Grilled vegetables – slices of fresh zucchini and eggplants. All these elements combined in the shape of a unimaginable tasty tower. On top of it all some Smetana cream – a Russian yogurt-like sour cream – flavored with balsamic vinegar and freshly grounded pepper.

Multigrain bruschetta with smoked herring and anthotyros mousse.

Multigrain is a distinctive type of bread in terms of both flavor and texture. Marrying this bread with unexpected ingredients only proved that savory dishes are the most suitable ones for it.

The balance of flavors in this particular dish owing to the surprising but successfully combination of the topping components. A light, creamy anthotyros mousse with chives, flavored with white vinegar and black pepper, smoked herring fillets and caramelized onions flavored with balsamic vinegar, all together on top of some grilled multigrain bread slices.  

Arabic bread with shrimps and red peppers pesto.

The third dish was a moment’s inspiration. The Arabic pie proved to be an inexhaustible source of stimulus. Interesting flavors combined and created an appetizer of pure bliss.

Triangular pieces of Arabic bread and sautéed shrimps tied up wonderfully with a yet one different pesto. Chef used the traditional pesto recipe only this time basil was replaced by some delectable red peppers. The finishing touch was a few drops of garlic flavored olive oil, enough to add a bit more intensity to the final dish. 

*All dishes prepered by the chef in the restaurant's kitchen . The photoshoot took place in the courtyard of Trizoni. 

**Head photo via the internet.