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Lemonis bakery meets Trizoni: the sweet version

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

If we try to divide people into two categories we most probably find two large groups facing each other.  In one side there will be all those people that love in the most fanatic way winder, the freezing cold, snowflakes and wool scarves. On the other side there is us. People for which summer countdown starts the moment Christmas is over, or even earlier, that dream about sandy beaches, a salty breeze and the only thing they like frozen is their ice cream.

But unfortunately is still February so we decided to find solace in the reminiscences of previous summers. More specifically, we chose last summer’s highlight which was our last visit at the Trizoni restaurant with loads of Lemonis bakery fresh, delicious ice cream and crispy cookies.

Chef Kostas Trontsios* did not spare us. Inspired by the high quality products of Lemonis bakery, chef used all his creativity and prepared for us not one or two but four different desserts. Our – let’s be honest – slight resistance vanished instantly just by looking these dishes. After that the only sounds existed at the terrace of Trizoni was the noise of our spoons pounding on plates.

* Chef's trivia:

Kostas Trontsios was the head chef of Trizoni during the summer season. He teaches in the public IEK Lagada (Institute of Vocational Training) in the culinary arts department.  

Veloute chocolate soup with strawberry ice cream

A perfectly shaped scoop of strawberry ice cream is floating on a shiny lake of chocolate. Maybe those sixteen words are too many for this dessert. You can use only two. Non-negotiable pleasure. And it’s enough.

It’s a common secret that chocolate and strawberry are meant to be together. The scents and flavors of fresh basil, vanilla and homemade mastiha liqueur pumped up the volume of the chocolate veloute. The handmade strawberry ice cream of Lemonis bakery added a hint of refreshement and a touch of seduction to this dreamy dish.

Loukoumades with honey and almond ice cream

If loukoumades* were a sound it would be the sound of hot olive oil sizzling in a frying pan. With the prestige of a classic dessert and with the experience of decates of success, loukoumades will always be relevant to matter what.

*or in other words a pastry made of deep fried dough, soaked in syrup pr honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Now think of you holding a fork. With this fork you dig in a plate full of fresh made –crispy but fluffy at the same time –loukoumades, some fine Chalkidiki honey flowing on top, the scent of ground cinnamon and scoops of Lemonis bakery ice cream, an ice cream ode to almond.

Cheesecake with chocolate biscuits

This particular cheesecake incorporated in the most elegant way – both in its base and cream – Lemonis bakery crispy, chocolatey biscuits. The chocolate glaze, with a touch of honey, on top gave to the dessert extra points of awesomeness.

Light and aery, with an exquisite cream that managed to combine the unsweetened magic of mascarpone and yogurt with the vanilla scent, winked to the chocoholics with a surprise, bits and pieces of chocolate biscuits.

Deep fried orange ice cream with vanilla & chocolate cookies.

Rumors say that deep fried ice cream has its root at the United States. Others claim that this dish has its first home at the Japanese tempura restaurants. Either way, it’s a dessert that can only be adored.

*Tempura’s trivia

Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.

Chef deep fried a frozen scoop of orange ice cream panned in a mixture of flour, egg white and Lemonis bakery biscuits - chef's choice was the chocolate and the vanilla crescent. It might not be a fancy dessert at first but wait until you taste it. There is no going back after that strangely freezing hot bite.

*All dishes prepered by the chef in the restaurant's kitchen . The photoshoot took place in the courtyard of Trizoni.