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Μeasurements, the

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The process of cooking and baking demands fantasy, dedication, willingness to get dirty and create chaos. But if we want to be practical - and add to our conversation a touch of pragmatism - both of them demand, before anything else, good quality ingredients, the whole kit and caboodle, from ladles and bowls to pans and mixers, but, most importantly, they both require a recipe.

The trickiest part in every cooking or baking project is decoding the recipe. The ingredient measurements can be proved to be a mindbending puzzle. If you catch yourself wondering what the heck “a pinch of salt” means don’t worry. With the help of Marie Saad, a great graphic designer, we create a illustrated manual so next time you won’t find yourself lost in translation.   

* Head photo: via the Internet

** Illustation: Marie Saad. You can find Marie here and here