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Nearly Eternal: food-art that’s too good to eat.

“The art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure no slight pleasure” | Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

The Nearly Eternal is an exquisite and intriguing project of two talented creatures, the photographer Norbert Schoerner and Steve Nakamura, art director. Focusing on food and its ephemeral nature, they tried to create impressive and mysterious images of solitary meals, obscure ingredients and sublime still lives.

The photography series under the title «Nearly Eternal» experiments with the concept of «food for display», with the food as something to be admired and not consumed. Food and its accessories are treated as if they were props in an ongoing but obscure narrative.

Schoerner made its one of these dishes into art work, into pieces that are going to last forever and Nakamura made each photography look like an alluring story. Both of them managed to overcome the obstacle of food’s decaying nature and create something «nearly eternal». The outcome of this project not only emphasizes the absurdity of the current hyper-styled food trend but, also, the transient nature of food itself.

Article via Wallpaper*