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Symmetry breakfast

"Don't confuse symmetry with balance." | Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

It all started a year ago when Michael Zee made breakfast for him and his boyfriend. It was that morning that he noticed the perfect symmetry of what he had just laid on the table. He took a photo, he posted it on instagram and that’s how project Symmetry breakfast was born.

Up until now, Zee keeps making identical breakfast dished for the two of them and photographs them despite their location. Some of them are homemade, some are bought from restaurants and some others are from their travels. These symmetrical breakfast photographs may seem effortless, but the truth is that they take a great deal of dedication and attention to the smallest detail.

Symmetry breakfast isn’t just about whimsical and enchanting photos of identical dishes. It’s a closer look at the diversity of breakfast philosophy itself. Zee has been always on the search of new ideas cause, as he says: "I I’m currently obsessed with people’s restricted conception of what breakfast should be – this is for breakfast, but that definitely isn’t. It’s so silly. I’ve just been to China and Japan, and breakfast in Asia is generally so different. You can virtually have anything you like for breakfast."

*All the photographs are from Michael Zee's instagram account.