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The scientific way to cut a cake

Have you ever wondered what is the perfect way of slicing a cake? 

There are several ways to eat a cake. The simplest way is to dig in using your spoon, your fork or your finger. Another popular way is to cut the cake in triangle pieces. The only problem with the triangle - cutting way is that if you don't eat it the whole thing - odd but it happens sometimes -the rest of the cake becomes dry and loses its original texture.

But it's a fact of life that every problem always have a solution. In that case, Alex Bellos, a British author and broadcaster, reveals in a video the proper way to cut a cake if you want it to stay fresh. This scientific way of cake- cutting that he demonstrates is based on an article published in Nature magazine back in 1906. Apparently, the article's author, mathematician Sir Francis Gatlon, also a Brit, was highly irritated by the dry pieces of cakes so he came up with the scientific principles of cake-cutting.

Watch the video carefully and never eat dry cake again.