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Sourdough, the

Noun, neuter, made of flour & water

In the beginning there was bread. Bread, with only 30.000 years on his back, is considered one of the most nutritious and cheap food. These are the reasons – the high nutritious value and the low cost of production – that made it an integral part of millions of people’s diet around the world – except maybe Eastern Asia that seems to prefer rice.

Sourdough bread is one of the oldest forms of leaven bread. According to Ian Knauer and Hungry History, sourdough bread dates back to Ancient Egypt. Knauer believes that, like many other delicious foods, was probably discovered by accident when, centuries ago, someone left out some dough. What happened to it is called yeast. Natural yeast is in the air and tends to settle in when it founds something like flour and water and causes fermentation. The result of these fermentations is sourdough.

*Sourdough’s trivia:

It is a small amount of dough, left from a previous kneading, that suffers the natural process of fermentation and it can be used to the next one. In a more scientific way, sourdough is a symbiotic culture of microorganisms fed with water and flour.     

In the following video you can learn how to make sourdough and sourdough bread. All you gonna need is to be patient.