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The unbearable perfection of a burger

A slight different burger with fried tomato balls and yogurt sauce. And some potato chips. And zucchini chips. Oh, don’t forget the onion rings.

It’s August – even for a few days longer – which means that you barely have the time to take advantage of the juicy tomatoes, the fresh zucchini and the seasonal herbs. The simplest solution is to make a hearty salad. But the wise thing to do is a burger with fried tomato balls (they are similar to meatballs but without the meat) and extremely crispy trimmings.

Ingredients (for about 15 burgers):

2 Lemonis bakery margaritas

2 Lemonis bakery multigrain mini breads

10 tomatoes

4 onions

7 zucchini

1 kg. potatoes

2 green onions

10 parsley stems

5 spearmint leaves

300 gr. yogurt

150 gr. feta cheese

1 cup grated cheese of your choice

flour for all uses

0.5 lt. milk

olive oil

salt & pepper


Fried tomato balls: Peel the tomatoes, dice them and let them drain of in a strainer. Mince one onion, the green onions and the herbs – i.e. parsley & spearmint. Grate one zucchini. Mix all of them into a ball with the grated cheese, some salt and pepper (the amount of these two is entirely up to you). Add about 5 tbsp flour – more precisely the amount of flour depends on how much will be needed for the mixture to become mushy.  Knead it and let it rest in the fridge for about 20’. When it’s time, form medium size balls (tip: use some flour to prevent the mix from sticking to your hand) and place them on a plate with flour. Fry them into hot olive oil, but medium heat, until brown. Let them drain on absorbent paper.

The 20’ time frame is a perfect opportunity to prepare the trimmings

Yogurt sauce: Mix the yogurt with the feta cheese, you can grated it or mashed it using a fork. Add approximately 4 tbsp of olive oil, salt, pepper and some oregano. The key point for a successful sauce is to always try it along the way.

Potato & zucchini chips – Onion rings: Peel the potatoes, the zucchini & the onions but you have to cut them in different ways. For the potatoes it’ll be better to use a peeler so you can create thin slices. Zucchini can be cut either in stripes or in slices while the onions must be sliced and separated into rings. The frying part is quite easy, at least for the potatoes. You’re gonna need just a pan with hot olive oil. The zucchini chips are a bit more difficult cause you have to dip them first into flour and then fry them.* The most complicated procedure is the onion rings cooking. First, you have to let them soak into a ball with milk and a pinch of salt (that way reduces the sharpness of the onions) for about 10’. Dip them into flour and then deep fry them until golden brown. Let all the above to drain on absorbent paper.

*for extra points of crispiness try to dip them one at a time in water before the frying part.

To assemble: Cut the burger bans in half and spread on the bottom halves some yogurt sauce. Put a fried tomato ball, some zucchini chips and top it with the other half. You can add any other ingredients you fancy such as lettuce, cucumber, boiled eggs etc. Serve the burgers into big plates so there is plenty of room for the potato chips, the onion rings and the extra zucchini chips.


*Each and every recipe is cooked - for the photo shoot needs - by our fantastic pastry chef, Natasha  Tsouloufidou, at the production area of Hanioti's store.

** head photo via https://www.behance.net/